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池 泊明 Algorithms for Calculating Approximate Greatest Common Divisorof Univariate
Polynomials  (1変数多項式の近似最大公約子の計算アルゴリズム)

菅原 隆介

A Matsumoto type theorem for linear groups over rings of non-commutative
Laurent polynomials  (非可換ローラン多項式環上の線形群に対する松本型定理)
日浅 龍太 Combinatorial realizations of the crystal bases for extremal weight modules
over quantized hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebras of rank 2 (ランク2双曲型量子群上
茂木 祐紀 Combinatorics related to Weyl groups, Young diagrams, and some special weights
(ワイル群, ヤング図形, および いくつかの特別なウェイトに関する組み合わせ論)


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伊敷 喜斗

On metric geometry of convergences and topological distributions of metric    structures

佐々木 優 A study on maximal antipodal sets of compact symmetric spaces
島田 祐汰

Twisted forms of differential Lie algebras over $\mathbb{C}(t)$ associated with        complex simple Lie algebras


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安福 智明 A study on Combinatorial Games

中山 優吾 Support vector machine in high-dimension low-sample size settings


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石井 大海
Bidirectional Interplay between Mathematics and Computer Science: Safety and Extensibility in Computer Algebra and Haskell

齋藤 隆大
A study of singularities with the theory of mixed Hodge modules

中村 憲史
Mathematical Analysis of the Navier-Stokes Equations and the Hyperbolic Type Navier-Stokes Equations

村尾 智
Multiple conjugation (bi)quandle colorings for handlebody-knots and their applications

松井 蘭丸
Analysis of Nonstationary Navier-Stokes Equations Approximated by Pressure Stabilization Method

藤井 克哉
Some Generalizations of Radon Transforms


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佐藤 裕
Construction of Gray code for a group based on semidirect-product structure and its application to groups of order 16

于 冬暁
Crystals for an extremal weight module over the quantized hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebra of rank 2

庄司 直高
Spectral theory for interior transmission eigenvalue problems on Riemannian manifolds


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論 文 題 目

石井 晶
Two-Sample Tests Based on Eigenstructures in the HDLSS Context

大音 智弘
On Diophantine exponents for non-Archimedean fields

小林 宗広
Symbolic computation and machine learning on logical formulas

櫻井 陽平
Rigidity of manifolds with boundary under a lower weighted Ricci curvature bound

鈴木 俊夫
Some Results on Wavelet Expansions

Caalim. Jonathan Villaroza
Rotational beta expansion

平木 正俊
Some topics in topological dynamics


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橋本 真太郎Some contributions to mathematical statistics

柴田 大樹Representations of Algebraic Supergroups

吴 达茹罕Hausdorff dimension of asymptotic self-similar sets

張 志朗Inradius collapsed manifolds

田中 勇一Some topics in Model theory: model companion, recursive saturation and Schröder-Bernstein property

楊 寒彪
Homeomorphisms and metrizations of function spaces with infinite-dimensional topology


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菅野 貴弘対称R空間の標準埋め込み上の錐の面積最小性

姜 洪在リーマン等質空間上の積分幾何学

保坂 哲也コクセター群とその境界

藤澤 敦子超曲面純楕円型特異点の定義多項式について

山崎 薫里積空間における写像の拡張


氏 名論 文 題 目

酒井 高司Group Actions and Integral Geometry

加藤 義明On Derived Equivalent Algebras

湯澤 泰生On the Cauchy Problem for Weakly Hyperbolic Equations

佐久間 伸也Vertex Operator Algebras with Two τ-involutions Generating S3

小林 善司ルート系と符号の自己同型とその応用


氏 名論 文 題 目

中澤 宣雄On Hypoellipticity for Pseudodifferential Operators

青木 充Some Decision Procedures for Comparison Problems

佐垣 大輔Crystal Bases, Path Models, and a Twining Character Formula for Demazure Modules

飛田 英祐Statistical Interval Prediction and Approximations to the Discrete Distributions

本田 寛伸The Cauchy Problem for Parabolic Equation

坂本 晋子Quasicrystals and Sturmian Words

津田 美幸The Bioequivalence Problem and the Quantum Estimation

杉山 和成b-Functions of Simple and2-Simple Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces

長坂 耕作A Study on the Approximate Multivariate Factorization

鎌田 保雄The Algorithm to Calculate the Period Matrix of the Curvexm+yn=1

対島浩司On the Invariant Ring of a Certain Finite Group and Modular Forms

P.T. ペネヴァOn Some Additive Problems in Analytic Number Theory