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池 泊明 Algorithms for Calculating Approximate Greatest Common Divisorof Univariate
Polynomials  (1変数多項式の近似最大公約子の計算アルゴリズム)

菅原 隆介

A Matsumoto type theorem for linear groups over rings of non-commutative
Laurent polynomials  (非可換ローラン多項式環上の線形群に対する松本型定理)
日浅 龍太 Combinatorial realizations of the crystal bases for extremal weight modules
over quantized hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebras of rank 2 (ランク2双曲型量子群上
茂木 祐紀 Combinatorics related to Weyl groups, Young diagrams, and some special weights
(ワイル群, ヤング図形, および いくつかの特別なウェイトに関する組み合わせ論)


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伊敷 喜斗

On metric geometry of convergences and topological distributions of metric    structures

佐々木 優 A study on maximal antipodal sets of compact symmetric spaces
島田 祐汰

Twisted forms of differential Lie algebras over $\mathbb{C}(t)$ associated with        complex simple Lie algebras


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安福 智明 A study on Combinatorial Games

中山 優吾 Support vector machine in high-dimension low-sample size settings


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石井 大海
Bidirectional Interplay between Mathematics and Computer Science: Safety and Extensibility in Computer Algebra and Haskell

齋藤 隆大
A study of singularities with the theory of mixed Hodge modules

中村 憲史
Mathematical Analysis of the Navier-Stokes Equations and the Hyperbolic Type Navier-Stokes Equations

村尾 智
Multiple conjugation (bi)quandle colorings for handlebody-knots and their applications

松井 蘭丸
Analysis of Nonstationary Navier-Stokes Equations Approximated by Pressure Stabilization Method

藤井 克哉
Some Generalizations of Radon Transforms


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佐藤 裕
Construction of Gray code for a group based on semidirect-product structure and its application to groups of order 16

于 冬暁
Crystals for an extremal weight module over the quantized hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebra of rank 2

庄司 直高
Spectral theory for interior transmission eigenvalue problems on Riemannian manifolds