氏 名論 文 題 目

中澤 宣雄On Hypoellipticity for Pseudodifferential Operators

青木 充Some Decision Procedures for Comparison Problems

佐垣 大輔Crystal Bases, Path Models, and a Twining Character Formula for Demazure Modules

飛田 英祐Statistical Interval Prediction and Approximations to the Discrete Distributions

本田 寛伸The Cauchy Problem for Parabolic Equation

坂本 晋子Quasicrystals and Sturmian Words

津田 美幸The Bioequivalence Problem and the Quantum Estimation

杉山 和成b-Functions of Simple and2-Simple Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces

長坂 耕作A Study on the Approximate Multivariate Factorization

鎌田 保雄The Algorithm to Calculate the Period Matrix of the Curvexm+yn=1

対島浩司On the Invariant Ring of a Certain Finite Group and Modular Forms

P.T. ペネヴァOn Some Additive Problems in Analytic Number Theory