氏 名論 文 題 目

米田 郁生CM-trivialilty and Hrushovski's Generic Construction

佐藤 弘康Integrability of Almost Kaehler Structures and an Isolation Theorem of the Weyl Conformal Tensor

名倉 誠A Reduction Theory of Representations Associated with Finite Type Quivers

藤上 雅樹A Characterization for Local Zeta Functions of Polynomials Satisfying a Certain Assumption

山内 博A Theory of Simple Current Extensions of Vertex Operator Algebras and Applications to the Moonshine Vertex Operator Algebra

大谷内 奈穂Information Inequalities for the Bayes Risk of Estimators in Non-Regular Cases

河合 伸一Ratio Estimation and the Approximation of Moments

平田 康史Subnormality and Mild Normality in Products of Ordinal Numbers

檀 裕也On the Cauchy Problem for Schroedinger Type Equations

佐藤 敦On the System of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations Appearing in the Natural Science and the Engineering

黒川 友紀The Lifespan of Solution to Systems of Semilinear Wave Equations