Satellite Seminar to Tsukuba Workshop for Young Mathematicians
講演者:Prof.Wang Qing(Xiamen University)

日時:2月12日(水) 16:00~17:00
場所:自然系学系棟 D814 セミナー室

タイトル:Module categories for toroidal Lie algebra

Abstract  In this talk,I will present some recent work on toroidal Lie algebra. We use basic formal variable techniques to study certain categories of modules for the toroidal Lie algebra τ. More specifically,we define and study two categories ετ and cτ of τ-modules using generating functions,where ετ is proved to contain the evaluation modules while cτ contains certain restricted τ-modules,the evaluation modules,and their tensor product modules. Furthermore,we classify the irreducible integrable modules in categories ετ and cτ. This is a joint work with Hongyan Guo and Shaobin Tan.