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 Aim and History

The aim of this journal is to publish rapidly original contributions to pure and applied mathematics. All papers are refereed.

Tsukuba journal of mathematics is a continuation of Science Reports of the Tokyo Bunrika Daigaku, Sect. A, Vol. 1-Vol.4, No 82(1930-1953) and Science Reports of the Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku,Sect. A, Vol. 4, No.83-Vol. 13, No. 382 (1954-1977).


 Call for Papers

The main purpose of Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics is to promote research activities in pure and applied mathematics by publishing original research papers very rapidly. Selection for publication is on the basis of reports from referees commissioned by the editorial committee. 

For more details, please see  Guide for Authors.


 Editorial Committee

  Akira Masuoka, Chair
  Scott Carnahan
  Motoo Tange
  Tamotsu Kinoshita
  Masahiro Shioya


 Associate Editors

   Shigeki Akiyama
 Makoto Aoshima
 Yuji Hamana
 Tomoyuki Kakehi
 Kazuhiro Kawamura
 Hajime Ono
 Daisuke Sagaki
 Yoshihiro Takeyama


 Advisory Board

Professor Michael Baake ( Faculty of Mathematics, University of Bielefeld,Germany)
Professor Jürgen Berndt ( Department of Mathematics, King’s CollegeLondon, United Kingdom)
Professor Hiroshi Isozaki ( Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, University of Tsukuba, Japan)
Professor Takao Yamaguchi ( Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University, Japan
                                                Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba,Japan)
Professor Akito Tsuboi ( Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba,Japan)

 Contact and Subscription Information

Communications with this publication should be addressed to the chair of the editorial committee of Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics

Akira Masuoka (the chair of the editorial committee)
Department of Mathematics
University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8571

E-mail address :journal at math.tsukuba.ac.jp

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Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd.
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Table of contents

Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics

Vol.45, No.2(2021) 
Kenta Tsukuura
Prikry-type forcing and the set of possible conginalities
Yuichiro Sato
Totally umbilical submanifolds in pseudo-Riemannian space forms
Yuki Motegi
Strong minuscule elements in the finite Weyl groups
Masamichi Yoshida, Fumichika Takamizo
Finite β-expansion and odometers
Hisashi Kojima
A supplement to `On the Fourier coefficients of Hilbert modular forms of half-integral weight over arbitrary algebraic number fields, Tsukuba J. Math. 37(2013), 1-11'.
Yuji Kasahara and Shin'ichi Kotani
Diffusions with Bessel-Like Drifts II
  Yuji Akaike and Kazuo Tomoyasu   Perfectness of Higson type compactifications 189