氏 名論 文 題 目

竹田 大佑A Classification of Irreducible Weakly Spherical Homogeneous Spaces

高橋 真生Representations of Normalizer Subgroup of Maximal Tori of the Classical Group of Type C

舞原 寛祐Set Estimation Procedures in Testing and Multiple Decision Problem

山内 貴光Selection Theorems on Realcompact Spaces and Finitistic Spaces

川口 慎二A Study of Absolute Embeddings on Relative Topological Properties

中川 知巳Volume Entropy, Geometry of Ideal Boundary, and Symmetry of Nonpositively Curved Manifolds

松橋 英市On Approximation Theorems of Maps from Compacta to Polyhedra

小川 琢磨Analogies between Circular Functions and Lemniscate Functions from a Viewpoint of Number Theory