Table of contents

Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics

Vol.37,No.1 (2013)
Hisashi Kojima
   On the Fourier coefficients of Hilbert modular forms
   of half-integral weight over arbitrary
   algebraic number field
Takao Hayami
Hochschild cohomology ring of the generalized
quaternion algebras
Seiji Hiraba
Interactive infinite Markov particle systems
with jumps
Horst Brunotte
Periodicity and eigenvalues of matrices over
quasi-max-plus algebras
Robert Cauty
Propriete d'extension pour les compacts et
retractes absolus
Akihiro Nishio
The Iwasawa decomposition and the Bruhat decomposition of the automorphism group on certain exceptional Jordan algebra.
Claudio Melotti
Double points of the slowness surface of the
 system of crystal acoustics for tetragonal crystals
Ryoichi Kase
The number of arrows in the quiver of tilting modules over a path algebra of Dynkin type