Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics

Daruhan Wu
  An asymptotic extension of Moran construction in    metric measure spaces
Yoshimi Kitamura and Yoshio Tanaka
Partially ordered rings Ⅱ
Enrique Castañeda-Alvarado and Javier Sanchez-Martinez
Enbedding products in symmetric products of continua
Yorimasa Oshime
Essential m-Sectoriality and essential spectrum of the Schrödinger operators with rapidly oscillating complex-valued potentials
Abhijit Banerjee and Sujoy Majumder
Certain nonlinear differential polynomial sharing a nonzero polynomial IM
Kumiko Nishioka and Seiji Nishioka
Autonomous equations of Mahler type and transcendence
Yuta Ogata
Spacelike constant mean curvature and maximal surfaces in 3-dimensional de Sitter space via Iwasawa splitting
Julien Bichon
Quotients and Hopf images of a smash coproduct
  Toshikazu Miyashita
 Erratum to "Realizations of globally exceptional $Z_2 x Z_2$- symmetric spaces"