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日時: 10月15日 16:00-17:30
場所: D814
講演者: Andrew William Macpherson (IPMU)
題目:  A Yoneda philosophy of correspondences
Abstract: Cohomology is bivariant, which means that to a morphism f it associates not only a pullback map f^*, but also (under certain conditions) an Umkehr map in the opposite direction. These maps satisfy a "push-pull" or "base change" identity. Everyone knows that this implies that cohomology can be thought of as a functor out of a certain category CORR of "correspondences", whose morphisms are "rooves" and whose composition law is defined by taking a fibre product of kernels.
 In higher category theory, specifying objects by describing the morphism spaces and composition law explicitly --- as we just did with correspondences --- is rather inconvenient. Rather, it is better to define things via their universal properties. In this talk, I will give a universal interpretation for CORR in terms of "bivariant functors" into an (∞,2)-category, which takes out the pain from constructing functors out of CORR.

連絡先: 木村健一郎




講演者:Jung Hoon Lee 氏 (Chonbuk National University)

講演題目:A necessary condition for constituent knots of reducible genus two handlebody-knots 

アブストラクト:A knot K is a constituent knot of a genus two handlebody-knot H if there is a non-separating disk D in H such that the core of cl(H-N(D)) is K.
We characterize constituent knots of a non-trivial reducible genus two handlebody-knot in terms of an incompressible torus (or two incompressible tori) in the exterior of the handlebody-knot.