2014-6 Blog Entry List

トポロジーセミナー (6月26日)

日時: 2014年6月26日(木)16:30〜17:30
場所: 筑波大学 自然系学系D棟 D814

講演者: Victoria Lebed 氏 (大阪市立大学 数学研究所)
講演題目: A bridge between knotted graphs and axiomatizations of groups

アブストラクト: This talk will be devoted to a new algebraic structure called qualgebra. From the topological viewpoint, our construction is motivated by a study of knotted 3-valent graphs via combinatorially defined coloring invariants. From the algebraic viewpoint, it gives a part of an alternative axiomatization of groups, describing the properties of the conjugation operation and its interactions with the group multiplication. Explicit examples of qualgebras and associated graph invariants will be given. We will finish with some results on topological and algebraic aspects of branched braids, which produce knotted 3-valent graphs via the closure operation.