2013-12 Blog Entry List

特異点理論についての講演会 (1月14日)

場所:筑波大学 自然系学系 D棟 D509 教室

題目: Singularities at infinity of polynomial mappings
講師:Tat Thang Nguyen 
(Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Sciences) 

Let F: C^n \to C^m be a polynomial mapping. It is  well-known that F
defines a locally trivial fibration outside some subset of C^m which is
called the "bifurcation set". In order to study the topology  of the map F
one problem should be solved is: to characterize the  bifurcation set of
F. In this talk, I will recall known results for this problem  and give
our solution for the problem in some particular cases.

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