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日時: 7月19日(木) 15:00 - 17:15 
場所: 自然系学系 D棟 509号室
 時間: 15:00~16:00
 講演者:  Noriko Yui (Queen's University)
 タイトル: Modularity (automorphy) of Calabi-Yau varieties over Q
概要: I will present the current status on the modularity
of Calabi-Yau varieties defined over the field of rational numbers.
Here modularity is in the sense of the Langlands Program. In the first part,
I will formulate the modularity conjectures for Calabi-Yau varieties of
dimension 1, 2 and 3, and discuss the recent modularity results.  If there
is time, I will report on the recent joint wotrk with Y. Goto and R. Livne on
automorphy of certain K3-fibered Calabi-Yau threefolds, and mirror symmetry.

時間: 16:15~17:15
講演者: George Elliott (University of Toronto)
タイトル: A brief history of non-smooth classification theory
概要:It was first within the theory of C*-algebras thatit was noticed---by Mackey
(or at least suspected by him!)---that the classification up to isomorphism of
a well-behavedensemble of objects (nicely parametrized)---in this case,
the irreducible representations of a given C*-algebra---might beno longer well behaved,
the corresponding quotient space of the"standard" Borel space of given objects
possibly being decidedlynonstandard (much like the real numbers
modulo the subgroup ofrationals).Interestingly, perhaps, it was also first
within the theoryof C*-algebras that this problem was circumvented
in a non-trivialway---by passing from the given category of objects
to a new categoryin an invariant way (by means of a functor), in such a way that
the new category is also well-behaved (e.g., a standard Borelspace), so
it is not just the set of isomorphism classes of theoriginal objects
(which would be non-smooth), but is still asimpler category than the original one---
for the simple reasonthat all inner automorphisms (if not all automorphisms) become
trivial. The first example of this was discovered by Glimm andDixmier, and
enlarged on later by Bratteli and Elliott---it was,incidentally, also work of Glimm
that confirmed Mackey'sdiscovery. This functorial treatment of a non-smooth
classification setting (isomorphism within a certain classof C*-algebras) was
the first use of K-theory in operatoralgebras. (Not counting the Murray-von Neumann type
classification of von Neumann algebras!)
    問い合わせ先: 木村健一郎