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  日  時: 2 月 23 日(月) 15時30分~17時
   ※ いつもと曜日が違いますので,ご注意ください.

 場  所: 自然学系棟D棟 509教室 
 講 演 者: Konstantin Pankrashkin 氏(University Paris-Sud) 

 題  目:  ``On eigenvalues of a Laplacian with Robin boundary conditions"
 We are going to discuss the spectral problem
 -\Delta u= E u, du/dn =B u 
  in smooth domains, with an attention to the situation when the parameter B   
   becomes large. We show that the problem essentially lives at the boundary
   of the domain, and the contributions of various geometric characteristics
   are shown. A link with Faber-Krahn-type inequalities is discussed.