代数特別セミナー (11月15日)

日時: 11月15日 (木) 15:30-16:30
場所: 自然系学系棟 D509

タイトル: Higher Chow cycles on Abelian surfaces
講演者: Ramesh Sreekantan 氏 (The Indian Statistical Institute in Bangalore)

In this talk we use generalizations of beautiful classical geometric constructions of Kummer and Humbert to construct new higher Chow cycles on Abelian surfaces and K3 surfaces over p-adic local fields, generalising some work of Collino. The existence of these cycles is predicted by the poles of the local L-factor at p of the L-function of the Abelian surface. The techniques involve using some recent work of Bogomolov-Hassett and Tschinkel on the deformations of rational curves on K3 surfaces.