Graduate School

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies at Univesity of Tsukuba.

Mathematics Program at the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences is to be restructured to Master’s/Doctoral Programs in Mathematics, the Degree Programs in Pure and Applied Sciences from April 2020

Several recent developments in mathematics have contributed greatly to advances in the natural sciences. Research in this program covers the five main fields of pure and applied mathematics: (1) algebra, (2) geometry, (3) analysis, (4) information science, and (5) mathematical science (applied mathematics).

Graduate students in this program will select one research project in modern mathematics and conduct research under the supervision of one of the faculty advisors.

Students will learn mathematics through advanced lectures and seminars given by faculty advisors. They will be challenged with fundamental general problems as well as more focused, specific problems and become able to produce high-level research findings on pure and applied mathematics.