Message from Chair of Mathematics Program

Hisao Kato, Chair of Mathematics Program

In the Mathematics Program, we educate and provide research instruction for graduate students through the establishment of new theories and the exploration of mathematical truths in a wide range of fields from pure mathematics to applied mathematics. This program is divided into the master’s and doctoral programs, and we provide an intensive education and research instruction in accordance with the characteristics of each program in order to
(1) nurture researchers who are active on the international stage and
(2) cultivate human resources who can apply advanced mathematical knowledge to a variety of fields as leaders in society.
We expect mathematics to be applied to more academic areas in a variety of ways, and so there will be an increasing demand for human resources with mathematical knowledge and an understanding of research methods.

In the Mathematics Program, we aim to develop the areas of both fundamental and applied mathematics, and use that as a foundation for the integration of fundamental and applied mathematics. To this end, we have reinforced the traditional areas of algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, and information mathematics, newly created the area of mathematical science, and reinforced the applied mathematics section in order to cultivate highly specialized professionals. Currently, each of the areas of this program conduct unique, advanced international research, and we are one of the foremost education and research institutions for mathematics and mathematical science in Japan.

Already, graduates of the Mathematics Program have gone on to become researchers at research institutions, such as universities, and are active on the global stage. Additionally, many graduates have taken on leadership roles in corporations and school.

The truths obtained through mathematical research are eternal truths. Won’t you come and discover an eternal truth with us in the Mathematics Program?